98 Hektar by Marion Dieterle

In October 2023, we present the exhibition "98 Hektar" by painter and dancer Marion Dieterle. At the vernissage, the artist will do a live performance at Kaffeemitte and connect to the story of her paintings. 14 canvases that were created in the last two years in the artist's current home: Umbria, Italy. After 20 years as a dancer in Germany, Marion Dieterle moved to the Italian countryside with her family in 2021 - a new beginning. And the changed working and living environment have also led to a change in her medium. Instead of dance, a discipline for which the immediate presence of several people is crucial, painting and sculpture are now the mediums with which the artist works. The exhibition tells of a new beginning and search for artistic means of expression. Accompanying the paintings and the performance, we have interviewed Marion Dieterle about the process of her emigration.


Titles / prices: Download PDF

Contact the artist: https://www.dossier3-d-poetry.de/



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