"Another Dimension” by Martin Krusche

Martin Krusche and I first met around 2005 at Boxi flea market. Martin and his partner Toby ran the fashion label Yackfou at the time and sold their shirts and sweaters there. In 2006, we shot a video that can now be considered vintage. Later, in 2019, Martin showed his work in a wonderful solo exhibition at Kaffeemitte. When I was working out the idea for the group show, it was a given that I would ask Martin - not only because he is an old friend and great illustrator, but because I kept randomly meeting him in my neighborhood during the Corona months and we would talk about the aftermath and impressions of the pandemic. Martin has children and is a freelancer, as is his wife. The situation was not only a mental strain for the family, but also a great logistical challenge. I therefore understood when Martin talked about how he had temporarily stopped following the news. The psychological burden, which was added to the organizational stress, was not reduced but increased by excessive media consumption. I also had this experience and I think I will keep this habit. Reading a book in the morning at breakfast feels so much better than first passing over some bad news. The picture "Another Dimension" and also the story of its creation tell about this - perhaps - collective experience.

Artist statement & A1 fine art print: www.we-do.de/products/martin-krusche-another-dimension

MORE: www.martinkrusche.de/


Martin Krusche "Another Dimension" MockUp of A1 fine art print

Martin Krusche at Kaffeemitte

Flyer for ehibition by Martin Krusche at Kaffeemitte / 2019

Screenshot of video with Martin Krusche from 2006Signed A1 print by Martin Krusche "Another Dimension"



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