“Demut” by Loomit

Back in the 90s, when I was a schoolboy in Munich and first discovered the artists around ABC Crew, Loomit was already a legend. No one I knew knew him, but everyone knew - and copied - his 3D styles. My interest in art was triggered. Art that doesn't hang in museums, art that caused trouble in school, art called “vandalism" in the news. Young people doing something creative, illegal, intrinsically motivated - art that takes risks. This made a strong impression on me - after all, many representatives of this generation were still stuck somewhere in the materialistic 80s. Graffiti and the emerging hip hop culture was not only fresh and authentic, but it also had an ambition that went beyond Chevignon, BMW and Hollywood. The zeitgeist of hedonism seemed not only outdated but also wrong, in a world full of serious trouble. A few years later we organized hip hop jams, with live graffiti, auctions and exhibitions. Loomit was there, dedicated and supportive. So I was really pleased when, after many years, I was able to reach Loomit on his old landline number and he agreed almost immediately to include his work DEMUT (=humility) in the group exhibition. But not only because Loomit is a hero of my youth and one of the most important Graffiti artists ever, I am happy to have him on board. The term "humility" took on an important meaning for me in the course of the Corona year. His appeal for humility seams wise - after all, we live in a time when many problems arise because people are quite sure of themselves. Polarisation keeps us from changing things together, from collaborating on what is essential for our survival: Environmental protection - which can only be addressed with a fundamental change in our economic system based on constant growth. With DEMUT, Loomit reminds us to not overestimate ourselves as humans and as individuals. "I know that I know nothing”. With this recommendation and the experience of 30 years of graffiti making, Loomit is still a role model for me today. I admire his 3D styles as well as his concepts, his ethics and his energy to stand up for what is important to him ✊



Loomit "Demut" A1 fine art print

Ostasinn Jam 2000

Limited and stamped

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