“Faye” by Dared

Dared is one of Berlin's most active paste-up artists, his work can only be found outside on the street - well, usually. This spring, however, Dared set up what was probably the most elaborate installation ever shown at Kaffeemitte. Three meters wide paintings and a van-load of birch trunks turned Kaffeemitte into a forest where Dared's character Faye was at home. The exhibition was a debut for Kaffeemitte and for Dared an experiment with a new way of showing his art. For the visitors of Kaffeemitte, the exhibition was a small exception in a (cultural) world in lockdown. Since people could pick up food and drinks at Kaffeemitte at any time, Dared's exhibition was always visible, even through the winter months. When the exhibition was being taken down, I noticed two large wallpapers in Dared's studio on which I could see the outlines of two foxes. A few days later I saw the two finished works again at RAW / Revalerstrasse and had found the right motif for the poster. The finishing, the colours and the expression of the two Fayes, at this location, with the old brick patina, make the two foxes, for me, perhaps the most beautiful works by Dared overall.
To photograph the paste-ups so that they would work as A1 print, I asked Alex Fuchs if he would climb the ladder with his camera. Alex kindly photographed the two foxes perfectly. After a poll on Instagram, we decided on the left Faye as the poster motif. Dared did the colour correction and Graco Berlin finished the file perfectly for printing.



Mock Up of fine art print: "Faye" by Dared. Original work at RAW / Revalerstrasse Berlin

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