"Flowers Head" by Lucille Guder

Lucille Guder was the first artist I asked if she would like to submit her art work to the group show. When I learned that Lucille Guder had only been an artist for one year, one of my hopes was fulfilled: that Corona would initiate a process of change and bring positive results. In the first months of the pandemic, there was talk of good developments all around. Nature recovering, people having time for their families again, couples managing to get out of a deadlocked relationship - or deciding to have kids. Even if these positive expectations have not all been fulfilled, the art of Lucille Guder remains - as a result of a big decision. Of course, in real life there is no Happy End - the story of the "new" Lucille Guder, the artist, continues to be told, just as a pandemic cannot find a dramaturgically clean ending. But if you do it like a storyteller and look for a beginning and an end, then you can find an incredibly positive Corona story:
Lucille Guder comes from Paris to Berlin to work at one of the many tech start-ups, selling chat-bots for a software company. Employees of these companies are often expected to be fully committed to their workplace. The job becomes a family, long working days, work hard, play hard - doubts about whether it might be a “Bullshit Job”, according to the definition of David Graeber, shouldn't arise.
Lucille Guder's job wasn't necessarily meaningful, but it meant traveling around the world and having a good income. But when both of these things were called into question by Corona, Lucille Guder began to take another look at life. And she came to the conclusion that it was time for a new start. So she quit her job and did something pretty brave…!
For me, Lucille Guder's story is proof that every crisis also holds an opportunity. And it shows once again that Berlin is a city that gives people confidence. Finally, it's a story about the process of making art - and its life-changing power.

Artist statement & A1 fine art print: www.we-do.de

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/z7xhVwsGZh4

MORE: www.instagram.com/lucille_guder_art/

Flowershead by Lucille Guder. Fine art print A1

MockUp of "Flowershead" in frame

Lucille Guder and her painting Flowershead

Screen shot taken from video about Lucille Guder

Lucille Guder touches a leaf. Screen Shot from short video about her decision to become an artist.

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