“Food” by Macarena Cox

Although Macarena Cox's artwork doesn't have a lot of colours, its colours had the most complicated production process. This is because the colour blue is very demanding. It shows up differently in RGB than it does when converted to CMKY. But I only understood this when I was standing at the printing press and the first samples came out of the machine. To solve this problem at the last minute, the technician put “Food” last in line that morning. Macarena was just locking her bike outside Pinguin Druck when the technician set up the four press plates with Macarena's image. The blue was not the blue from the file. “This Blue is unprintable”, the print technician confirmed. Fortunately, the technician and his colleague from @graco_berlin were able to adjust the image right on the offset machine so that Macarena, still a little out of breath, could select a new blue. The feedback on the image tells that it was worth the extra mile! It is a beautiful print and has a theme that is part of many Corona legends: Cooking at home. Macarena Cox’s work and her story testify to this delicious phenomenon. The Chilean artist who loved Japanese mangas as a girl is years later stuck in a lockdown in Germany. To feel not so far from home, she cooks Japanese noodles. If food means home, then Macarena Cox's story is a new variation on that theme in a globalized world.

Artist statement & A1 fine art print: www.we-do.de

MORE: https://www.instagram.com/maca_cox/

MockUp A1 Fine Art Print "Food" by Macarena CoxPonyo eating Ramen noodlesJapanese woodcut - inspiration for Macarena Cox

Blue stamp, Japanese style. Inspiration for "Food" by Macarena Cox



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