“Setty Mois” by Zora Jurenkova

Although Zora Jurenkova is at the very end of this list because of her name, she has been with the project from the beginning. When we sat together at Kaffeemitte last winter, we talked about how art can position itself on Corona and its impact. So that afternoon - over a plate of pasta - the idea for a group exhibition with recent works by different artists was born. Zora had told me that she was still working as a photographer, but less than before Corona. The shows she usually takes as settings for her images were cancelled - and Zora's personal life was also affected. She has a daughter who had to be home-schooled and the many restrictions, contradictions, worries and the collective mood also troubled her - but an unshakable optimism and the talent to improvise are typical for Zora. So she soon had an idea of how to approach the subject Corona, to draw artistic inspiration from the situation and make a constructive contribution to the debate. The masks, which were an image of the pandemic from the beginning, became an object of decoration, a costume with which Zora staged her models - in this case, the wonderful performer Setty Mois - who, by the way, was stuck in Australia in early 2020 because all flights were cancelled. Eroticism and sensuality are always themes of Zora Jurenkova's photos, and that's how the idea of experimenting with face masks came about. The effect is a de-dramatization of the masks and a playful look at this controversial and negatively connoted piece of cloth. I am very happy and proud to be able to show this contemporary work - a work that was clearly influenced by Corona - executed with the handwriting of the most successful burlesque photographer in Germany. The Z is at the end of the alphabet and Zora's idea for this group show is at the very beginning - not to mention sex is at the beginning of our lives. A perfect, sexy circle!

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MORE: www.zorajurenkova.de/

Image by Zora Jurenkova

 Image by Zora Jurenkova

Image by Zora Jurenkova

"Setty Mois" by Zora Jurenkova

A1 Fine Art Print



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