Woman Portrait Gallery / Finissage

Thanks to everyone who came to the finissage at Kaffeemitte

Special Thanks to Bana Banana!
Great performance and a wonderful presentation of all artists in the show! Plus successful auction with 10 artworks sold!

The artworks in this collection and the individuals behind them explore different ways in which women can be portrayed. At a time when gender is subject of intense debate, this series listens to the discourse and collects the voices.

* Caro Pepe
* Casa De Balneario
* Dared
* Franka Sühlo
* Gairah Praskovia
* Lilika Strezoska
* Lucille Guder
* Naicha
* Nina Barnini
* Therese Rosier
* Tom Pollhammer
* Tony Federico
* Zora Jurenkova

"Alles Künstlerische ist Künftiges”
The quote “Alles Künstlerische ist Künftiges” / “All art is prospective" comes from product designer Karl Clauss Dietel and expresses what is often called the seismograph. The special sensitivity that is exercised through artistic creation.

When one is wondering where a certain social development might be heading, it is interesting to look at artists and their work. The interpretation of what a contemporary portrait of a woman should look like is in a constant state of flux. Panta rhei.

Like a little timestamp, this exhibition shows works by 13 artists - whose gender, in contrast to the motif - was not asked for.

"The question of what a woman is, an artist can answer better than a man." 

WPG is curated by Gregor Hutz for We do Art Sales & Kaffeemitte
More: www.womanportraitgallery.com
Bana Banana
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