“Work From Home” by Mein Lieber Prost

Mein Lieber Prost has been one of my favourite artists for years. The first time I have seen MLPs ingenious adBusting works at Urban Spree Gallery, later I could show prints with his character aka “Prostie” at Kaffeemitte. In addition, a Prostie (as sweet hustler) sticks at my apartment door and sets the tone in this household. In Corona times I have then seen a work by Mein Lieber Prost which matched perfectly. To the scheduled Corona-related group show, to my current situation and to my sense of humour. In tough times, it's good to look at things from a funny side. I do have a home, but one where work is always going on. And that was true before Corona. Besides, I feel like many freelance artists: On the one hand, they wouldn't necessarily call their everyday occupation work, on the other hand, because the search for paid work is a permanent condition - and not a Corona characteristic… And then Prostie's last dime falls out of his pocket in the middle of the pandemic! But despite all this, he doesn't seem particularly distressed or worried. It is as Karl Clauss Dietel describes it in the film "Stop Styling" when looking at a bowl from the Bronze Age at the Archaeology Museum: “Artists are persons who, archetypically, stand outside the normal rhythm, who stand beside society, somewhat apart. With all its dire but also wonderful consequences.” A popular hashtag like #workfromhome is almost as inappropriate for Mein Lieber Prost as it is for a Bronze Age potter. Almost😊

Artist statement & A1 fine art print: www.we-do.de/products/mein-lieber-prost-work-from-home

MORE: www.instagram.com/meinlieberprost/

sticker by Mein Lieber Prost

Show at Kaffeemitte

show at Kaffeemitte

Schlesisches Tör

ad busting berlin

Ad busting by Mein Lieber Prost

A 1 print "Work From Home"

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