Collection: Lucille Guder "May the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary"

"Flowers and women are my favourite motifs - there is nothing I like to paint better. For me, it's important that my art has a positive influence on people - first of all on myself when I work on the painting. Maybe that's my French side: I appreciate the pleasant things in life.
And if I also create a good feeling in the person looking at my painting, then I have achieved my goal as an artist.

And beautiful flowers make almost everyone happy - no wonder: they stand for spring, for the beauty of nature, for the emergence of new life and for seduction and love.

Like a florist, I stood in front of my painted flowers and could now decide how I wanted to combine them. Like someone who puts together a very individual bouquet, it was my pleasant task to put together paintings for the exhibition "May the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary".

In addition to the two large, prominent works that I pasted directly on the wall, I chose works that are each dedicated to a special woman - a woman who inspires me because she looks great but also because she brings a quality that makes this bouquet a good overall composition.

Flowers are so different, no two are alike and each one is beautifully unique. Women are just as beautiful, but of course even more complex. To their character belongs a personality, a story - a human life.

So for me, painting not only means that I can deal with beautiful and lovely things, I can also point to things that are important to me. And so there is a little story behind each of my paintings. About a special person, about an idea that I think is important or about something that I have experienced myself and that I would like to tell you about.

This is my bouquet for you!"

Instagram: @lucille_guder_art

Lucille Guder with dry flower bouquet at her exhibition MAY THE FLOWERS REMIND US WHY THE RAIN WAS NECESSARY