I have been helping artists find an audience since 2000. As We_do e.V. in Munich, we have organised the production and sale of graffiti with artists such as WONabc, Loomit, Cowboy, Eliot, Shame, Flin and many others.
Since 2015, I have been hosting exhibitions at Kaffeemitte/Berlin, including videos, interviews and opening events. The 15 exhibitions I have organised since then have featured established artists such as Dietmar Eckell, Zora Jurenkova and Dared, as well as up-and-coming artists like painter Maily Nguyễn.

The exhibitions have all been able to sell some of their work and have also found an audience online. But since Corona, digital (art) has become increasingly important, which is why there is this online shop from summer 2021!

This is what we do:
  • High quality prints, exclusively produced for We Do Art Sales
  • Only limited editions
  • Originals. Printed, stamped and counted in Berlin.
  • Copies signed by the artist

As this shop is still in its beginning, feedback is important. Please get in touch with questions or comments.

Thank you very much!


Special thanks to all supporters:

Alex Fuchs / Cathy Preisser / Craig Barfoot / Denis Beyer / Emanuel Lucke / Florian Dohrn / Jan Thiel / Jonas Jacquet / Jonas Koblin / Katrin Schübel / Marc Pfretzschner & Graco Berlin / Martin Lieckfeld / Martino Hutz / Nino Beyer / Olli Blumenthal & Kaffeemitte Team / Sandra Müller & Pinguin Druck


and all artists:

Anselm Hirschhäuser / Can Henne / Catherine Mamani Valles / Dared / Dietmar Eckell / Loomit / Lucille Guder / Macarena Cox / Maily Nguyễn / Martin Krusche / Mein Lieber Prost  / Zora Jurenkova