WAS? stands for

  • Selected fine art prints, local production, fast delivery
  • Art that makes a point
  • No hiding behind cryptic phrases, "The Square" style*
  • Independent art sales

This is what we do

  • High quality prints, exclusively produced for We Do Art Sales
Limited editions
  • Originals. Printed, stamped and counted in Berlin

  • Copies signed by the artist


Mission Statement

In an Open Society, art should not be exclusive, and certainly not elitist. Far too often, banal ideas are dressed up to look clever - but complicated does not equal complex, and certainly not profound.

Art doesn't have to be stored in safes or in air-conditioned art temples to be valuable. 

Art that becomes part of the larger discourse in which a society always finds itself has found its place. If a work of art has something to contribute, it joins the stream of history - regardless the number of copies there are, or its current price.

That is why the story that belongs to each work of art is a crucial part of the presentation in our store. Artists are encouraged to express their point of view, to take a clear position.


About us

Documentary filmmaker Gregor Hutz is featuring and collaborating with artists for many years. With We_do e.V. in Munich, we have organised the production and sale of graffiti with works by WONabc, Loomit, Cowboy, Eliot, Shame, Flin and many others.

Since 2015, we are hosting exhibitions at Kaffeemitte/Berlin - including videos, interviews and opening events. The exhibitions have featured established artists such as Dietmar Eckell, Emanuele Taglietti and Dared, as well as up-and-coming artists like painter Maily Nguyễn.

After 5 years in which our exhibitions mainly took place offline, since 2021 there is the option to buy all works from the exhibitions as fine art print.

Please get in touch with questions or comments.

Thank you very much!

Gregor & We Do Art Sales

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