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Signed & Framed - "Another Dimension" by Martin Krusche

Signed & Framed - "Another Dimension" by Martin Krusche

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• Fine art A1 print (594 x 841mm)
• 170g Paper / Profi Bulk / matt coated / woodfree 
• Offset printed at Pinguin Druck in Berlin
• Signed by the artists
• Only 10 pieces available!
The signed print comes with a high-quality aluminium frame by Nielsen.
Size: 59.4 x 84.1 cm - DIN A1

For over 30 years, Nielsen has been processing and refining light metal to the highest perfection and is today the market leader in the field of aluminium frame profiles.

• High-quality, edge-ground acrylic glass guarantees safe picture changing without the risk of injury. Enjoy your pictures glare-free and brilliant
• MDF back panel - the acid-free 170g/m² inlay board provides long-term protection
• Serrated hangers on the back allow the frame to be hung straight

About this artwork:

Martin Krusche / "Another Dimension" / September 2020 / Berlin

Gregor: When did you paint "Another Dimension"?

Martin Krusche: I painted the picture in September 2020. I had a lot of time for my own work during these months, because I had practically no commissions - it is a picture that I painted freely and without a particular goal in mind. In the mornings I looked after my children, in the afternoons I went to the studio every day.

G: How did you feel at that time, in autumn 2020?
M: I remember helplessness and uncertainty. I had the feeling that I could no longer understand the decisions of the politicians - and the developments in general. I just didn't understand it anymore. There was too much news and information that I could no longer make sense of. So at a certain point, I tried to switch off. I went along with it all, but I didn't question things anymore.

G: Is it chaos in your picture?
M: Definitely a certain confusion and different elements that overlap and contradict each other. Yes, maybe it's chaos.

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