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Can Henne “Euphoros III"

Can Henne “Euphoros III"

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    • Fine art A1 print (594 x 841mm)
    • 170g Paper / Profi Bulk / matt coated / woodfree 
    • Offset printed at Pinguin Druck in Berlin
    • Print is individually numbered and stamped
    • Limited Edition 75 pieces!

About this artwork:

Can Henne / "Euphoros III" / February 2021 / Berlin

"I painted 'Euphoros III' at a time when there were few distractions, everything was closed and the days felt long and quiet. Corona was the overshadowing theme. Many people were afraid. Afraid of the disease or afraid for basic rights, even afraid of a dictatorship. I also felt this sense of threat and insecurity; such feelings are contagious. But I have been dealing with the question of subjective truth for a long time. So I tried to listen even more carefully to myself and asked myself how I actually react to the outside world and what creates my perspective. Because the things that happen outside of us, can control the inside and are ultimately only a trigger to activate already existing sensations. If we are not aware of this, we cannot influence and change anything. But if you understand how these mechanisms work, you understand that you yourself are responsible for how you perceive the world. Then you can change something on the inside and that becomes a reality on the outside. Do I believe in a friendly or vicious universe? If you walk through the world with a certain fear, then you will encounter it everywhere. But it is the same the other way around. This phenomenon was easy to verify in Corona times. The world can seem terrible to us, but also very beautiful. Whatever you expect, you will get, whatever you believe, you are right!"
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