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Casa De Balneario / ¿Ahora que hago?

Casa De Balneario / ¿Ahora que hago?

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2022 / Montevideo
Ink on Paper
Pasted in: Montevideo

Gallery quality print
Matte archival paper
250 g/qm (110 lb)

Limited edition: 25 prints

Shipped in sturdy packaging

“I heard someone saying this strange sentence exactly like that. I am done with work, what now? - Ya trabaje ¿Ahora que hago? I immediately liked the sound of the phrase, it's banal and somehow funny - but the significance of the question is existential. The words also look very nicely written and I knew I had found a new typography for a poster.

Then I worked on the image for a long time, because I liked the sentence better than the pictures I painted to it. I also made some adjustments to this final motif: this man used to have arms and legs. But this way the type stands even more central in the picture and that is important to me.

Work is one of the main topics throughout my artistic career. I've written two books on the subject and as Casa de Balneario I've made countless paste-ups about it.
In this picture, the man is sad because he doesn't know the answer to his question. Apparently, it's unknown to him what he is up for, and what he would like to spend his time on.

Even if you enjoy your work, you should ask yourself what else there is to do in life. I love working on my paintings, my book or a magazine. To go out at night to glue a poster or to edit a text. The work seems meaningful to me and I do it regardless of any financial interest. Nevertheless, it is work and I sometimes miss out on things that also mean quality of life to me. For example, reading, watching movies or walking along the coast.

By writing the question 'Ya trabaje ¿Ahora que hago?' on a print and pasting it in public space, it becomes a rhetorical question. This slightly grotesque sentence is, hopefully, an encouragement:  Keep searching constantly for the things in life that make you happy."

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