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Casa De Balneario / Un alquiler bajo

Casa De Balneario / Un alquiler bajo

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Montevideo / 2020
Ink on Paper
Pasted in: Montevideo / Berlin / Barcelona

Gallery quality print
Matte archival paper
250 g/qm (110 lb)

Limited edition: 25 prints

Shipped in sturdy packaging 

"This image is a mix of themes that often appear in my work. People's dreams. What do we dream of and what price are we willing to pay? And of course the subject of rent, housing - one of my most central themes. What is missing to make the dream of cheap rent a reality? My work is an ironic statement on the consequences of capitalism on the housing market and the right of everyone to have a place to live. 'Un Alquiler Bajo, Sueno de Muchos' is part of a series, alongside motives with the same theme I made for the Argentinian 'Inquilinos Agrupados' and their campaign 'Casas vacías son un crimen'. I'm happy to see the print displayed next to Volksbühne - as part of an event by 'Deutsche Wohnen und Co. enteignen'. It has good potential when people who think alike, are connected worldwide. Through my art, I can perhaps make a small contribution to this. I hope many Berliners understood the text on the print and see that they are not alone."

✍️ The "Initiative Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen" collected votes for a referendum in Berlin. 59% supported the initiative with over one million signatures - far more votes than any political party has in the city. What the initiative demands are laws that prohibit owning more than 2000 flats. The state would re-socialise flats accordingly, i.e. buy them back. Private individuals would not be affected. Only some companies that own hundreds of thousands of flats and their investors. There are cases where out of 100€ paid as rent, 25€ go to investors. DWE is also an initiative against the concentration of ownership. It was upsetting to hear the arguments politicians used to discredit and hinder the initiative. This is damaging to democracy. This is not an economic question, it's a political question. If 59% are in favour of real changes, politics should not ignore them. Their behaviour makes increasingly fewer people go to the polls at all and endorses distrust in the system as such. The consequences can currently be seen in Italy.

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