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Dietmar Eckell "Liquid Acid"

Dietmar Eckell "Liquid Acid"

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    • Fine art A1 print (594 x 841mm)
    • 170g Paper / Profi Bulk / matt coated / woodfree 
    • Offset printed at Pinguin Druck in Berlin
    • Print is individually numbered and stamped
    • Limited Edition 50 pieces!

About the art work:

Dietmar Eckell / "Liquid Acid #840crop3" / January 2021 / Bangkok

"The photo series that I make, are usually taken in remote places. It may be a quiet island in the Pacific, or a remote clearance in a tropical jungle. Sometimes I travel several days to reach a special location. It was therefore challenging when I found out that I had to go into strict quarantine after returning to Bangkok - locked in a room of a state authorized hotel. Luckily I had a room with river view and I spent hours just looking at the change of light and waves on the water. Especially at night the reflections, when colourfully neon-lit boats pass by, are beautiful. Then I ordered a 600mm lens to capture these reflections. The Chao Phraya River is one of the dirtiest rivers in the world, a brown broth during the day. But at night, looking through the tele lens, the always changing lights were really mesmerizing. Soon I started to recognize the sound of the boats and I focused the perfect waves and reflections. Then I just pulled the trigger and must have taken a few thousand shots from the same position - yet, every picture is different. There is no editing in the images - it's just the view out of the quarantine window, photographed with 1/80 and high ISO."

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