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Casa De Balneario / Lo Compre

Casa De Balneario / Lo Compre

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2022 / Montevideo
Ink on Paper
Pasted in: Montevideo

Gallery quality print
Matte archival paper
250 g/qm (110 lb)

Limited edition: 25 prints

Shipped in sturdy packaging



"You can buy this poster. Customers from Europe should order at We do Art Sales, shipping costs are low. And on my store, you can find more great art - at insanely low prices $ Now, this information is somewhat contradictory to the content and idea of the poster itself. The inconsistency can't be overlooked and is confusing for me, as a consumerism-critical artist.

I was in Buenos Aires last week, at a book fair. Booksellers, publishers, editors and authors were invited. Since I am part of a collective of small publishers in Uruguay, I was able to rent a booth there with my colleagues. The audience was very interested and sociable and they complimented me. We had good conversations, inspired by the themes of my work. With the mixture of text and painting, I was somewhat of an exception and I sold a lot of prints. Of course, I was very happy about that.

Now it could be that one of my clients rolls up the new poster at home and suddenly realizes that in a shopping rush he has grabbed something that he no longer likes. He may even have to cry. I wouldn't like that - which is why I continuously warn against buying too much. I decided that an easy return policy and cheap prices can reduce the risk of sad customers. Yes, the question of the right retail price for my prints is complex - which is why I am constantly adjusting it in my shop. And I like the serial multiplication of my art, which makes it cheaper - to improve value for money. Nevertheless, the sale, especially of this poster, remains a dilemma. How big must be the doubts of an artist who has sold a work for a million!?"


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