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Loomit “Demut"

Loomit “Demut"

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    • Fine art A1 print (594 x 841mm)
    • 170g Paper / Profi Bulk / matt coated / woodfree 
    • Offset printed at Pinguin Druck in Berlin
    • Print is individually numbered and stamped
    • Limited Edition 75 pieces!


About this artwork:

Loomit / "Demut" / March 2021 / Munich

"Developments that I have been observing with concern for many years have become much clearer through Corona - and they have further intensified. Screen consumption has increased, which makes people even more stupid. This is empirically proven. During last year people spent even more time in the digital world, watched even more Netflix. That consumes resources and energy. These technologies have a string of consequences: rare earth metals that are mined, slave labour, the immense power consumption by the big servers. We know that the planet has problems, but people are addicted to pointing at others instead of changing things in their own life. So we deprive ourselves of the basis of life. Pandemics are just an additional danger for humankind. I see the limits we are reaching, and they are closer than we thought. But instead of taking care of these vital tasks, everyone wants to have a say. It is laziness and vanity that blinds people. Vanity used to be one of the deadly sins: it‘s now a business model. Being a journalist used to be a real profession: we now have influencers everywhere. Just displays all over the place... It is hubris to believe that we can simply solve the problems we have caused. We believe that all we need is a new invention and everything will be okay again. But that won‘t work: the damage is enormous. Besides, most people are still not willing to limit themselves. But this is urgent if we want to survive as humankind. But it is useless to preach. I can only exemplify a different life. I can ride a bike and no longer eat meat, no longer fly. Being an example, that‘s the only way. And with art, maybe I can make people think, make a recommendation. Hence the title of this painting: Demut = Humility. Humility to one‘s not-knowing. “I know that I know nothing” - Socrates. That is humility. And I hope for more humility towards the fragility of life - which is now suddenly visible to everyone."

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