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Lucille Guder "Aline"

Lucille Guder "Aline"

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Dakar, Senegal / May 2021
Collage on canvas

Gallery quality print
Matte archival paper 
250 g/qm (110 lb)

Limited edition: 25 prints

Shipped in sturdy packaging

About this artwork:

"This work is dedicated to Senegalese freedom fighter Aline Sitoe Diatta. She is a symbol of resistance against social injustice - a fighter for women's rights and against the oppression of Senegal by the French colonial forces.

By painting her, I want to make sure that people remember her and her courage.

Aline Sitoe Diatta was born in 1920, as a black woman, in an oppressed land and in a time when women could only rarely become political activists - and if they did, then only at a very high price. Aline Sitoe Diatta had chosen civil disobedience, but as leader of the tax-resistance-movement she had powerful opponents: The European colonialists and the patriarchy. And indeed, Aline Sitoe Diatta died, far too young, in a prison, at age 24!

Besides the fact that I greatly admire this woman, I am left with the gratitude that I live in a world where my moral strength and courage are not so severely tested - from my relatively easy situation I want my art to address issues that are important to me. In this case, I want to remind people how fearless Aline Sitoe Diatta was: A true feminist rebel!"

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