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Lucille Guder "Culottée"

Lucille Guder "Culottée"

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Berlin / April 2021
Acrylic on paper

Gallery quality print
Matte archival paper 
250 g/qm (110 lb)

Limited edition: 25 prints

Shipped in sturdy packaging

About this artwork
"Augustin, a friend from Paris has written a poem and this painting is dedicated to him and his wonderful craft. He describes very sensually how a woman, perhaps on a hot summer day, lies in her bed. She wears only delicate underwear and she is full of romantic desire. The poem is clearly "culottée" - that is, a bit cheeky and perhaps typically French. 
Of course, I have already tried to translate the poem for my friends, but I have not succeeded. Not in English and certainly not in German. Although I live in Berlin for six years, I hardly speak German. Here in Berlin, all our friends speak English, it's a group of many nationalities. We expats develop a language all our own that way - more people are using English these days who don't speak it as native speakers than those who have only learned it over the years. The result is no longer any official national language - but it is very practical. The downside is that subtle poems in a foreign language cannot be appreciated. Like Culottée, which is full of nuances in the language - it is worth learning French for it. I liked the poem so much that I wanted to make a painting out of it. So I placed individual sentences from it along a woman's back and imagined what "Culotte" she might be wearing - that is, what panties. I hope I've captured at least a small part of the poem. But read for yourself:


Ribambelle de dentelle
à fleur de peau
la floraison
en soie
sur ta peau fine
et soyeuse
la saison
et florissante
du désir.

PS: Thanks to @Dared for helping glue up this big paste-up for the exhibition at Kaffeemitte."

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