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Lucille Guder "Effeuillage"

Lucille Guder "Effeuillage"

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Berlin / February 2022
Dry Flower collage and acrylic on paper

Gallery quality print
Matte archival paper
250 g/qm (110 lb)

Limited edition: 25 prints

Shipped in sturdy packaging

About this artwork

"This image is inspired by a dancer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris - a place that is part of my identity as a French woman. The dancer was wearing stockings, which I replaced with flowers in my painting. The French word effeuillage is ambiguous, it has two meanings. A plant can lose petals as a person can undress - both can be very sensual. But not only the name of the art work is somewhat provocative for some Germans. Effeuillage can be pronounced correctly only by the most practised francophiles, I have noticed. And I've also noticed that people in France think differently about the Moulin Rouge than people in Germany. Or about the concept or the stereotype behind it. Women undressing in front of an audience is not a classic symbol of feminism in Germany. On the contrary. And there is some truth to the criticism. Because places like the Moulin Rouge have a dark, misogynistic history. But I try not to fall into stereotypes. Because nowadays the performers at Moulin Rouge are celebrated stars, they wear crazy clothes and seem to enjoy life. Things are never black and white - but colourful and full of facets. In Berlin, most clichés are fortunately invalid. And if cliché, it's in a fun way. The style and the motives of the Moulin Rouge have become icons that inspire artists all over. It reminds me of Paris when I see popular burlesque shows like The Teaserettes - and the cheeky photographs by my friend Zora Jurenkova*, which I warmly recommend to you."


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