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Macarena Cox “Food"

Macarena Cox “Food"

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    • Fine art A1 print (594 x 841mm)
    • 170g Paper / Profi Bulk / matt coated / woodfree 
    • Offset printed at Pinguin Druck in Berlin
    • Print is individually numbered and stamped
    • Limited Edition 75 pieces!


About this artwork:

Macarena Cox / "Food" / June 2021 / Berlin

"I chose this picture because it is the description of a perfect meal for me: Ramen, beer and something sweet for dessert. Last year, I spent a lot of time with a friend in an apartment in Berlin. We were both far away from home and to pass the quarantine we played cards and ate. We tried many new dishes and kept improving our cooking skills. When I started drawing as a child, I was influenced by Japanese anime. I watched a lot of manga, like Sailor Moon or Slum Dunk when I was in school in Santiago de Chile. I think they inspired my work as a graphic designer, but also my interest in Japanese food may have come from that. So last winter we made Ramen ourselves and found that it‘s easy to make and really delicious. I hope this poster finds a place in a kitchen - as a reminder to indulge in good food, to cook your favorite dish or to treat yourself with a Pie de Limón. It doesn‘t take that much to feel at home."

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