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Lucille Guder "Madame Fleurs / Brown"

Lucille Guder "Madame Fleurs / Brown"

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Berlin / September 2021
Collage on canvas

Gallery quality print
Matte archival paper 
250 g/qm (110 lb)

Limited edition: 25 prints

Shipped in sturdy packaging

About this artwork:

“A woman in a bikini, with a huge bouquet of flowers - that could be me, in front of Madame Fleurs in Schönfließer Strasse - on a hot summer day. Sometimes I buy dried flowers for my collages - but I prefer living plants in pots or as seeds. They all grow in our apartment, there are over 50 of them and everyone is different. Next to my art, the plants are my favourite thing to do, it feels good when I can be with them.
Through the time spent with the plants, I also see people differently. There are so many similarities - it's the cycle from seed to flower to fruit and back to the seed. Some plants need a little stick until they have a strong trunk and can stand on their own. Other plants just won't grow until you put them in a different spot or bring another plant near them - it's a delicate web of different demands and concepts of life. Often it seems to be more about a mood, a vibe. Not so much about an objective amount of sunlight or water. I am not surprised when I hear that there are plant lovers who talk to their plants!
It has been good for me, too, to move to a new place. I moved from Paris to Berlin and found a new home. Paris is a wonderful city, with good weather and good wine. But Paris is also a very crowded city, with little open space - but I needed that space, so I happily put down roots here - alongside my 50 plants.”

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