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Mona Hörtnagl "ich sehe dich #02"

Mona Hörtnagl "ich sehe dich #02"

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  • Large Fine art print A1 (594 x 841mm)
  • 170g Digital Print (satin)
  • Medium Fine art print A2 (420 x 594mm)
  • 160g Offset white paper (volume)
  • Matt coated
  • Carbon offset
  • Printed at Pinguin Druck in Berlin
  • All prints individually numbered & stamped
  • Limited Edition
  • Signed & framed prints available


About the artist:

The Austrian-born artist Mona Hörtnagl made Berlin her chosen home in 2015. The contrast between the urban concrete world and the landscapes of the Alps has always been the most important source of inspiration for her artistic work. In the exhibition URBANHOME Mona Hörtnagl deals with this very contrast of urbanity to wild nature. Shapes, colors and images of the city are juxtaposed and blended with the same of the countryside, the rugged mountain world.


About "ich sehe dich #02"

"This artwork has a focus on geometric forms and their arrangements. The eyes take a look from various angles. Just like in real life an important practice to do - not only in the design context but also in personal life situations."


Instagram: @monahoertnagl

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