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Tony Federico "Bianca Balti Finale"

Tony Federico "Bianca Balti Finale"

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Fine Art Print
59,4 x 72,2 cm
Limited edition: 15 prints

Gallery quality print

Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre 200 g/qm
Printed, stamped & numbered in Berlin

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About this artwork

Shot on Polaroid i-Type 600 / 5x8
Milano / 2010

"Once again, Bianca Balti, September 2010. I remember the date perfectly because it's the last backstage Polaroid I ever took. I was done with it, I had made a decision: this would be my last Fashion Week. I met Bianca backstage at an Armani Show - she had become a colleague and friend over the years. She came up to me and looked straight into my camera and I took a few pictures - together we chose this one. Bianca was making her comeback that year, after a long baby leave. She had found her balance between working in the fashion industry and a happy personal life - and so she has remained a model to this day.

When I met Bianca that morning, I didn't tell her about my imminent leaving, but I think she sensed my mood. She seems a bit tense and the picture is not really symmetrical, not so much balanced. And certainly, it's less playful than the other pictures I'd taken of her over the years. The fact that we chose this picture tells me that Bianca knew my emotional life, that she knew I was about to leave. I want to believe that this picture is my goodbye present.

A few days later I moved to Berlin. I wanted to restart, with a new job, in a new city. A city that I knew gives people the chance to have a new beginning. A city that can withstand contradictions. That's why Berlin was very good for me. It's a city that is defined by strong contradictory energies - that's how I've always felt about it. Because of its history, life in Berlin still takes place between strong poles, between contrasts. And that suits me. Perhaps a multipolar character needs a multipolar environment to find balance."


* "Framed option" comes with a premium Nielsen aluminium frame

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