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Tony Federico "Red or Blue"

Tony Federico "Red or Blue"

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Fine Art Print
59,4 x 72,2 cm
Limited edition: 15 prints

Gallery quality print

Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre 200 g/qm
Printed, stamped & numbered in Berlin

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About this artwork

Shot on Polaroid i-Type 600 / 5x8
Milano / 2009

“The picture was taken at an Enrico Coveri show. The colour combination of the eyes and the lips made me think of the film Matrix and the symbol Red Pill/Blue Pill. It's about decisions - and I felt that some big decisions were coming up in my life too. I was living in the illusion that the best life was a life of partying, sex and materialism. I thought I was the best and most important photographer in the world, I felt constantly on the fast track. I took drugs and always tried to be around people because I couldn't stand loneliness. And I became a more and more unpleasant person, more and more insensitive. I thought I was the centre of the world, indestructible, and I treated my surroundings badly. The people who loved me were no longer so important to me. I had divorced my wife and contact with my daughter became less and less frequent.

Sometimes you can only wake up from such a cycle if you fall really hard. And that's how it was with me. I had a breakdown, physically, but also mentally. So I had to make a decision. One pill meant continuing with life as a jet-set fashion photographer and probably dying relatively soon, lonely! The other pill would mean a hard full stop, but it had to be done.

Thank God there were still people around me who stood by me. My family saved me, helped me decide on the right colour. My mother, my father, my brother. They were always there for me, no matter how badly I behaved. And so I got a second chance. My daughter has forgiven me and the contact with my family and old friends is more close than ever. But not all the people I lost during that process have come back. I regret that deeply. I have decided for the rest of my life to become a better person. A better father, a better husband, a better friend and better artist."


* "Framed option" comes with a premium Nielsen aluminium frame

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